Tremonti – A Dying Machine Album Review – (2018)

Tremonti – A Dying Machine Album Review – (2018)

Hi there and welcome back!

Hope you’ve had a great week, for this edition I will be looking at “A Dying Machine” by Tremonti.


Tremonti were formed in 2011 by vocalist and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, who is also the guitarist of Alter Bridge and formerly Creed. They have released four studio albums to date.

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Evolution by Disturbed (New Release – 2018)

Hi all, and welcome to Sonic Shock E-zine!

This is my first review on this blog, it is a truly exciting occasion (well, it is for me at least!). So let’s jump right into it…


For those that don’t already know, Disturbed  are a hard rock/metal band from Chicago, formed in 1994 and have since released 7 studio albums, garnering worldwide acclaim for their powerful and liberating music.
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